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Type of fish in Papagayo Gulf

Offshore - Inshore in Papagayo Gulf

These are the most common types of fish in the Gulf of Papagayo, some of these species such as yellowfin tuna and wahoo are migratory from the deep waters to inshore in the gulf, and some of them are territorial as the roosterfish, hamberjack, cubera snapper, etc.
They emigrate, depending on the season of the year or conditions in the ocean, ocean currents or the change of the moon that is also a very important and influential factor in fishing.
Guanacaste Sport Fishing

Guanacaste Sport Fishing

Type of fish...

  • Sail fish

    The marlin and sailfish is a migratory fish, from deep water and of great visibility, its habitat usually is, outside; in winter season it enters in the gulf of parrot in search of food.

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  • Rooster Fish

    The rooster fish is territorial, in shallow water at most 70ft with waters with low visibility, usually live on sandy bottoms like beaches and rocky bottom.

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  • Yellow Fin tuna

    The yellowfin tuna is a migratory fish and of any depth of water, it usually swims in very clean waters and with currents since it is a fish of great speed

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  • Wahoo

    Also the wahoo is a migratory fish and great speed, can swim in deep waters like flat but of very good visibility

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  • Mahi mahi - Dorado

    The mahi mahi is a fish of waters of any depth but with very good visibility, it is a migratory fish, in the winter time it enters the gulf of papagayo in search of food to very shallow waters.

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  • Red Snapper

    The red snapper is a fish mainly bottom fishing and only in rock, its habitat is in large populations of different depths and not migratory.

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