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Offshore fishing Papagayo

Deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo, considering the first point in the Southwest of the gulf, 45 minutes from Catalinas Island, is a fishing area with a large territory ranging from 100 to 300ft and around some places you get up to almost 400 feet.
The fishing activity is mainly trolling or trawling.
The structure of the seabed in that depth does not fall like some places like in the North of the gulf (Bat Island), its depth advances as the ship moves away from the coast, in fact from the shores of catailnas islands we might begin to fish for sailfish but the goal is to reach 350ft offshore with currents that bring a lot of plankton from the deepest waters to the surface doing the activity of billfish commonly good.

On the other hand we have the northern area of papagayo gulf mostly known by all fishermen as: Bat Island or Islas Murcielago; with more diverse habitats throughout the area; being an archipelago of joint islands named thus since they count that from the air the form of a bat is seen.
This is an area rich the reproduction of marine life and fish such as rooster fish and many other species, but bear in mind that the area of the bat islands is a protected area in its entirety mainly on the shores that span the 3 miles out from the shore and this is a National Park in Guanacaste, therefore fishing is prohibited there.
This fishing spot is considered as deep sea fishing zone and its seabed falls from the shore line abruptly from 70 feet deep to 200 and 300 feet that with barely 1 mile away from the shore reachs the 400ft. In its most optimal conditions, fishing is best with the capture of sailfish , marlin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi; in both places of the papagayo gulf both in the south of the gulf and in the north, with conditions that will depend specifically on the season of the year that could be winter or summer.

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