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Papagayo fishing charters


  • Can we ship our fish back home?

    Actually that is a good question since some people who have returned to fish with us say that they have been able to ship the fish home, I think if it is frozen and packed safely you could do it.

  • Where we go for Fishing?

    In the papagayo gulf are differents fishing spots as: Tamarindo, Bat Islands, Catalinas island, offshore: It is around 45 minutes boat ride from the coast and of course; inshore fishing: it is close to the hotels in papagayo.

  • What type of charters do you do at Papagayo area?

    In addition to sport fishing we do: Surf trips, snorkeling, whale and dolphin tour. This whale and snorkeling tour is done on Dream Fishing 29ft. and Bahamas 27ft. boats.

  • What time your fishing charters depart and come back?

    Ussually, every fishing charter starts at 7:30am and we come back depending the charter that you are doing. If it is for full day 8hrs, you return at. 3:30pm. If 3/4 day 6hrs, you return 1:30pm. If 1/2 day, you return by noon. Also you can extend your fishing time in the ocea, just let it know to the captain.

  • How works if unsafe weather and bad conditions?

    It is very important for us to know about you 2 or 3 days on advance to confirm your fishing trip. If we cancel the charter due to unsafe boating or bad weather conditions to let you know on time and change the charter for another day or refund deposit.

  • Are the boat prices per person or boat?

    The boats indicate the maximum number of people who can approach it and the prices are established per boat and not per person, and its price includes up to a maximum of 10px according to the size of the boat that will range from a minim of 1px.

  • What do we need to bring on our fishing charter?

    We suggest you dress accordingly to the fishing conditions. Our charters include all necessary for a fishing charter when booked, however we have a few hints of what to bring. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, shoes are optional, clothes to protect from the sun.

  • Do I have to be experienced about fishing?

    No, our team has experience in fishing and also to help you in learning techniques about fishing, the sailor will be at your disposal to assist you in catching, releasing or cleaning your fish to go.

  • How do we pay the deposit for any reservation and how much?

    It is usually required up to 30% deposit and will depend on the boat, there are different forms of payment like PayPal, form, you can also send us your information of the card via mail, you can also call us by phone when you want for that information.

  • Can you take out fly fisherman?

    Guanacaste Sport Fishing can take you out fly fishing but you will need to bring your own fly gear. The crew is knowledgeable of the waters and can take you to the best spots to fish in the area of Papagayo.

  • Do I need a fishing license?

    The fishing license is optional because it is controlled by the Coast Guard and is not usually under surveillance. My recommendation is to buy them and if they are not bought, at least bring cash in case you have to buy them from the gurdacostas. They are $15 each for a week.

  • What does this charter includes?

    For your comfort and privacy all our boats are provided onboard with stocked coolers with fruit, soft drinks, cold beer, snacks & lunch on a full day fishing! Also, all boats are provided with fishing rods, bait and lures, plus a mate to assist you in the catch, release or cleaning your fish to go and also the boats are provided with a toilet onboard.

  • Do you pick us up from the Westin Conchal Hotel?

    Yes, our boats will pick you up from the Westin Playa Conchal hotel and not only from that hotel, also from Flamingo area, Potrero beach and Islas Catalinas hotel. Just wait for the boat at 7:30 am at the beach.

  • Has the fishing charter to be canceled if it is raining or windy?

    Our charters will go out during rainy season, windy or choppy conditions and it is up to the captain to decide if a trip should be cancelled. It is very rare for us to cancel a fishing trip but we will monitor the weather and keep in touch any time that we need.

  • Do you guaranteed to catch fish?

    We canít predict the fishing but we can predict that the crew will work hard to catch your fish. Our Crew will do their very best to put you on fish and catch as many as possible on the day. The fish that you will catch, will depend on season and location in Papagayo area.

  • Do your boats have a bathroom onboard?

    Yes, For your comfort and privacy all these boats in site are provided onboard with a toilet and also stocked coolers with fruit, soft drinks, cold beer, snacks & lunch on a full day fishing! Also a mate to assist you in the catch, release or cleaning your fish to go.

  • Can we do bottom, trolling and casting in one trip?

    It is very important to know in advanced the type of fish that you like to catch, we fish for rooster inshore. While we are looking for the rooster fish, you can try to do baitcasting or spinning on front of the boat while we are fishing on the back for roosterfish and others, this is possible to do it if the boat is apropiated for that activity. The best boat for practice baitcasting and bottom fishing is, the center console boat - Bahamas 27ft. MAKO.

  • Can we do fishing when is rainy?

    For us the rains do not represent a problem as long as they do not extend until the time for pick up our customers on the beach, since it would be a problem to pick up them and it is very possible that the customer does not like the rain. Unfortunately the rains are not as prolonged as we would like because Guanacaste is a region denominated as dry, and its rains are intermittent and that in no way affects the fishing.


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