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Our Charters in Costa Rica

A few people find this boat service expensive!!!

You have to know this.
This is Costa Rica and we know, that it is not easy and cheap to operate and maintain a boat; especially in Costa Rica. In order to have a legal boat, it must have Costa Rican flag and documented, insured, registered licensed, fees taxes and other very importants legal things and competing with boats that don't take even life jackets onboard. Everything needed to maintain a charter operation – parts, tackle, etc, goes through customs and has duty added on.
Most marine items purchased here cost 2 to 3 time more than you would pay in the USA; diesel and gasoline are close to $3 more per gallon than in the United States and we use a lot of fuel for every fishing charters and doesn't matter if the fishing is inshoer or offshore, half day or full day. We also supply food, fruits and beverages, which most charters in the USA do not.
Bait ballyhoo cost $3.00 each and we usually carry 2 or 3 bags, depending the time that we will spend on the ocean. If you like to do bottom fishing, a kilo of sardines is $3.00.
I can assure you that you do not want to do fishing with a budget operation that skimps on tackle, bait, food, maintenance, safety gear, fuel and ice.
There are many discount booking operators that solicit tourists on the beach with big promises and what seem like cheaper price. They are happy to get a one-time customer and will push cheaper boats, which are poorly maintained and outfitted; crew that is not proficiently bi-lingual, skilled or professional. These boats rarely run more than a few miles offshore and will not use enough gasoline or diesel to get you to where the real fishing spots are.
We strive to provide a excellent fishing experience in Guanacaste Sport Fishing aboard on our boats and if you’d like to spend a bit more money, I can help you with that as well.

CR: (506) 8319 6425
Playas del Coco,
Guanacaste Costa Rica.
With: Jose Mendez
Reservation manager.